A neighborhood on high alert, after a gruesome discovery the remains of dismembered cats.
The remains of five cats have been discovered in North Everett since June.
Now police are advising pet owners to keep cats inside until they find the culprit.
The latest discovery was made just two days ago. It has left everyone with a bad feeling. And, coincidentally, there are a number of signs of cats that are missing from this neighborhood.
If the warning from police is heeded, this will become a rare sight in this North Everett neighborhood, a cat sitting outside a house.
“Cat legs,” said Danielle Ford, “dismembered legs.”
Ford is still disturbed by the grisly discovery outside her home last month.
“Mutilated cat legs off of a cat’s body,” Ford said as she walked toward the place where it was found. “Kind of in this grass here. And, well my mom saw them on her way to work and then told me about them. And it was just a couple of days after a pair had been found just down the street from here.”
Indeed, the first mutilated cat was found on June 13. Since then, the remains of five cats have been found — four of them on Rockefeller Avenue alone. A fifth set of cat remains was found Wednesday on nearby Federal Avenue.
In a telephone interview, Everett’s Deputy Police Chief says a necropsy revealed the culprit is probably not another animal.
“There’s several concerns,” said Deputy Chief John De Rousse. “One is it’s a crime. Then on top of

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