Falling shrapnel from a jet over an Italian village is just the latest negative headline to include Boeing’s name, but according to one expert, the company is likely not at fault.
Renton mayor describes ‘devastating’ effect of Boeing 737 MAX crisis
Aerospace analyst Richard Aboulafia says that despite bad press and tragic crashes, Boeing business should take off again.
“Boeing of course has taken a series of lumps lately, with 777X delays, certainly the Max issue, and now this pretty minor issue,” Aboulafia said. “On the other hand, there are only two jet manufacturers in the world of any note. The system is enormous. Unfortunately, bad things are going to happen. We still have this incredibly safe air transport system that is far safer than any other form of transport ever and with very high barriers to entry in the business.”
“(The recent bad news) is more of a Rolls-Royce problem, nevertheless it does have an impact on public perception of Boeing,” he said.
Rolls-Royce made the engine model on the Boeing 787.
Metal pieces from Norwegian Air flight reportedly broke off of a 787 and fell onto a small Italian village outside of Rome over the weekend, according to Business Insider. Cars and homes were damaged from the metal debris that were between two and four inches wide. Locals said the pieces fell like bullets and one resident said they were lucky to be alive after being struck.
The plane turned around and landed. Norwegian Air reported that there were indications of a technical failure in

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