Most kids across the state headed back to school right after Labor Day weekend. For many families, that can lead to concerns about gun violence.
Debate rages over gun-free zones in Washington
This year, gun safety advocates say students heading back to class are safer than ever in Washington state. But they stress one point to remember.
“School shootings make up just a very small fraction of the gun violence that we see across the country and here in Washington state,” said Kristen Ellingboe with the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.
Still, thinking about the threat of gun violence on campus has become the new normal for some. That’s only heightened by the fact that we’ve seen school shootings here in Washington, and by the string of mass shootings across the country over the past several weeks, that have thrust the debate over stronger gun laws back into the national spotlight.
That national debate largely revolves around universal background checks and red flag laws, two measures Washington state has already had on the books for years.
On top of that, Ellingboe says more new protections kicked in for Washington in July.
“Initiative 1639’s safe storage provision,” she said. “This is the provision that encourages gun owners to safely store their firearms at home, and this safe storage provision makes a huge difference in protecting our young people from gun violence.”
“We know that the vast majority of school shooters, for example, get (a gun from) their home or from the home of a close family member or friend,” she

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