King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn made no secret about the fact that he wasn’t a fan of the new Regional Homeless Authority proposed by King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan last week.
“We can do better than more bureaucrats and more taxes,” Dunn said in a statement last Thursday. “This new layer of government would be undemocratically structured, lack representation of suburban cities, and be yet another expense on taxpayers.”
“The homelessness crisis won’t be solved by pushing Seattle’s failed policies to the surrounding region,” he added. “Elected officials need to stop passing the buck on homelessness and to start making the tough choices our constituents deserve.”
Dunn promised to have his own proposals to take on the homeless, drug and mental health crisis within days, and on Tuesday kept his word, dropping multiple proposals for the King County Council to consider.
“These are a whole series of proposals that follow up on my opposition to a new level of government on homelessness,” Dunn said Tuesday. “Instead, these are policies that have worked across the country with proven records of reducing homelessness.”
Reagan Dunn’s legislation
Dunn’s legislation includes a proposal for a trio of pilot programs, including a Homeless Integrate Outreach team that would go to Metro bus stops and other areas where homeless people gather.
The team is modeled after a pilot program in L.A. County where Dunn says they go out and work with the homeless and help triage them into services they need.
“So you’ve got nurses or a nurse, a

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