The Seattle City Council unanimously voted in favor of a resolution Monday expressing its disapproval for I-976, an initiative from anti-tax activist Tim Eyman that would reduce car tabs to $30 per vehicle.
Dave Boze: No on I-976 campaign forgets how popular $30 tabs are
“This is a government resolution telling voters how to vote on a citizen initiative,” Eyman said at the council’s Monday meeting. “It is an arrogant improper use of tax dollars. Voters do not like politicians telling them how they should vote. This hasn’t been a public hearing, it has been a politician hearing.”
Matthew Lang, with the Transit Riders Union and a member of the No on I-976 Coalition, countered Eyman’s argument. He spoke in favor of the council resolution.
“(This initiative) is going to be extremely harmful for all people in Washington state,” Lang said. “Bus, bike, pedestrian and rail and other multimodal cuts in our city will be extremely harmful to the members of the Transit Riders Union who use all those modes of transportation. Workers are going to suffer because of this initiative. Tens of thousands of jobs in the construction industry are going to be cut as we stop building roads, as we stop fixing pot holes.”
The resolution states that I-976, “would undermine progress made by The City of Seattle, Sound Transit, and the State of Washington in building a more equitable and sustainable transportation system.” The initiative would greatly reduce the amount of funds already slated for transportation, including the voter-approved Sound Transit 3.

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