Somewhere, a monkey’s paw is curling, after someone wished for an early end to October rain. The Puget Sound region’s wet weather may be gone, but it’s been replaced by near-record-breaking cold temperatures.
Freezing temperatures set in for ‘next several days’ in Puget Sound region

Clear skies have brought temperatures in the 20s in parts of Western Washington, including reported lows under 30 degrees in parts of the Puget Sound area on Wednesday morning. Other parts of the region even saw temperatures dip under 20 degrees.
Seattle’s record low for the day is 30 degrees, a mark that it could break before Wednesday morning is out.

#HappyWednesday! Check out the standing records for today! Will we break them? I’m watching that right now live on KIRO7. #NickKnows
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This also marks the coldest weather we’ve seen since early-March, when record snowstorms finally came to an end.
And if it feels especially dry outside, that’s because it is. According to University of Washington climate scientist Cliff Mass, dew point — a measure of water vapor in the air — dipped below zero at Sea-Tac Airport Tuesday morning.
Wednesday marks the coldest temperatures we’ll see all week, but the National Weather Service still notes that frigid weather will be in the forecast for the “next several days.”
‘Dice may be loaded’ for November snow in Seattle
On Monday, temperatures dropped into the 20s and 30s across the Puget Sound region in the early morning hours. Seattle’s low of 34 degrees to start the week was

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