As the new legislative session kicks off, the future of embattled state Rep. Matt Shea in the Washington House of Representatives remains largely uncertain.
Rep. Shea refuses to resign amidst allegations of domestic terrorism
A recent report commissioned by the House alleges Shea participated in acts of domestic terrorism, a claim he’s denied. He’s since been expelled from the Republican caucus, leaving his ability to participate in day-to-day duties in doubt.
“It is very difficult for me to understand how he can effectively represent the people of Spokane County,” said Gov. Jay Inslee. “I’m hoping he (chooses to resign) upon reflection when he realizes he just can’t do the job when you’re shunned by your colleagues, when you’re no longer committee chair, when you’re not even a member of a caucus.”
“The people of Spokane deserve better,” he added.

All eyes will be on Matt Shea as he’s expected to be at the legislature when it begins this morning in #OlympiaWAINDEP investigators hired by Republican legislators accuse Shea of participating in an act of domestic terrorism. Hear @GovInslee & Speaker Laurie Jinkins thoughts
— KIRO 7 Jussero (@JJusseroKIRO7) January 13, 2020

Amidst calls for his resignation, Shea has been resolute in his plan to remain in office. That said, some have advocated to kick him out of the Legislature altogether.
Rep. Wilcox: Matt Shea ‘brought disgrace’ to Republicans
“Matt Shea should resign, and if he does not resign, he should be expelled,” said newly-appointed House Speaker Laurie Jinkins, noting that expulsion would require a two-thirds majority vote.
Jinkins stopped

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