It was a battle of the best of the best, and Seattle’s Ken Jennings emerged victorious to earn the title of greatest of all time on Tuesday night. The victory added another $1 million to Jennings’ winnings to make his total upwards of $4 million.
During the tournament Jennings defeated seasoned champions James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter. Previous to the tournament, Jennings had won the most regular-season games in a row (74), Holzhauer the most money in a single game ($131,127), and Rutter the most money ($4,688,436), reports the New York Post.
Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings: Trivia, Jell-O & Trebek’s breakfast
Jennings is a 45-year-old software engineer turned writer, and a Seattle resident.
“It has taken 15 years for Ken Jennings to finally answer the question, ‘Is he as good as he appeared to be in his great run on Jeopardy?” host Alex Trebek said after the win.
In winning he also answered the Final Jeopardy question: Which non-title character has the most speeches in a Shakespeare play?
That would be Iago.

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