A new plan announced by Washington House Republicans would create a pathway for the implementation of $30 car tabs, and establish new funding for transportation without any new tax increases.
In a ruling in December, the Supreme Court of Washington State upheld an injunction against a controversial $30 car tabs measure. The $30 car tabs measure is on hold while a lawsuit filed by King County, Seattle, and other transit-oriented groups plays out in court.
Tim Eyman calls to pack courtroom for nonexistent I-976 hearing
Sponsored by Rep. Jesse Young, House Bill 2227 establishes $30 car tabs and would limit state and local taxes, fees and other charges relating to vehicles.
“Washingtonians have spoken on car tabs and it’s the job of the Legislature and governor to respond,” said Rep. Andrew Barkis, ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee. “We need to put policy over politics. This means implementing 30-dollar car tabs, establishing a permanent account for preservation and maintenance, and setting priorities at WSDOT. We have put solutions on the table that would respect the will of the voters and meet future transportation needs.”
After judge pauses I-976, Tim Eyman urges supporters to not pay car tab fees
Voters approved I-976 with 53 percent in favor across Washington state.
“Regardless of what some elected officials might think, we are not chosen to be kings. We are elected as public servants. It’s our job to listen and then work hard to find solutions,” said Young, R-Gig Harbor. “The voters have clearly spoken on this issue, and the

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