A strike by Swedish nurses and caregivers ended Friday morning, but some employees might not be able to return to work right away.
Swedish nurses remain concerned over ‘significant’ staffing problems
Some employees said they received text messages and calls from Swedish managers telling them not to come in for their shifts.
“You are scheduled for 1/31 but you are not needed to work,” a text provided to MyNorthwest reads.
In response to the strike, Swedish flew in replacement staff from across the country to work until their contract ends Sunday — which is likely the reason why local staff are being told not to come back to work yet.
A post on the healthcare union’s Facebook page — SEIU 1199NW — urged workers to still report to their jobs, even if their Swedish managers told them not to come in.
“The people that won’t go back to work, we are going to support them as well as we can. As I said, this isn’t legal to do a lockout, and our union is going to support us. We want to get back to our patients,” said radiologist Michael Scott.
Caregivers are expected to be called back to their jobs over the next few days as work becomes available. But in the meantime, some may be going without a paycheck.
Two emergency rooms that were closed, Swedish’s Ballard and Redmond locations, reopened at 8 a.m. The Ballard labor and delivery will reopen at 9 a.m., and other units that were consolidated or moved will reopen Sunday morning.
On Tuesday,

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