A state-level proposal to levy a tax on big businesses in King County is still alive after a key legislative deadline passed this week.
Seattle council clashes over how to address state head tax proposal
The state Legislature’s short 2020 session ended at 5 p.m. Wednesday, as the clock expired for a handful of failed bills. Despite ultimately not getting passed by the House and Senate, the big business tax proposal was revived in the form of a replacement bill Thursday. That keeps it alive while lawmakers continue to negotiate its terms.

Just In – Apparent replacement bill for HB 2907, the @MayorJenny @kcexec backed bill to let King County enact excise tax on big biz to raise $121 mil for Homeless/housing/public safety. No text in new bill yet but title interesting https://t.co/UiNRmJRqxf @KIRORadio #waleg
— Hanna Scott (@HannaKIROFM) February 20, 2020

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Nicole Macri, a Democrat who represents the Seattle area. It would impose a tax on large businesses with employees making at least $150,000 a year, in counties with a population over 2 million. That would limit it solely to King County.
Businesses like Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia have thrown their tacit support behind the bill, although many theorize that their support is conditional on a ban on all future big business taxes in Washington state.
A state preemption has yet to be officially added to the proposal, although the replacement bill does mention a stated goal of “ensuring certainty and predictability for business.”
Sawant: Amazon support of tax is ‘bottom

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