Almost 2,000 people have confirmed cases of coronavirus in Washington state. And almost 100 of those people have died. President Trump has declared a federal major disaster here. Gov. Inslee is warning people to stay home, while cities are beginning to enact their own “shelter in place” orders.
Confirmed coronavirus cases across Washington state
8:03am – In an interview on NBC’s Today Show, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams had a grim warning for Americans as the nation’s coronavirus outbreak continues to ramp up.
“I want America to understand this week, it’s going to get bad,” he stated, blaming the scores of people across the country who haven’t been obeying directives to remain indoors or practice safe social distancing.
“Right now, there are not enough people out there who are taking this seriously,” he added.
7:46am – The City of Seattle is temporarily pumping the brakes on some parking enforcement measures to support residents and businesses. Read more. 
7:37am – The King County Sheriff’s Department is reporting a significant decrease in crime rates, as many people have continued to stay indoors and practice safe social distancing.
Compared to this time last year, violent crimes are down 24%, while property crime is down 26% countywide.
6:42am – Pressure on Gov. Inslee to issue a statewide shelter-in-place order continues to ramp up, after the Teamsters Local 174 issued a letter imploring the governor to take action.
“If you care at all about working people and their health and safety, you need to institute a lockdown/shelter-in-place order immediately,” the letter reads.
The union represents delivery drivers, garbage and recycling

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