With Gov. Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order now in effect, we broke down what that means for residents and businesses in Washington state.
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While Washingtonians are being asked not to venture outside for the most part, there are still a handful of things that are allowed.
That includes:

Going outside for a walk or bike ride, provided you remain six feet away from others, and maintain proper social distancing.
Going to work anywhere categorized as an “essential” business — that includes medical professions, news media, certain construction projects, restaurants, grocery or convenience store workers, pharmacists, bankers, and more. You can see the full list of essential businesses as laid out by Gov. Inslee’s office here.
Leaving your home to buy groceries, or “products necessary to maintain safety, sanitation, and essential maintenance” of your residence.
Going to an in-person medical appointment.
Working for any business where work can be done entirely from home
Picking up a takeout order from any restaurant still open (delivery service is still available as well).
Providing assistance, transportation, or care to a family member or friend in another residence.
Caring for a pet in another residence.

There is also an exception for victims of domestic violence who feel their home has become an unsafe environment. According to Gov. Inslee’s proclamation, “these individuals are permitted and urged to leave their homes or residences and stay at a safe alternate location.”
Anyone experiencing homelessness is “urged to obtain shelter,” while local governments are “strongly encouraged to make such shelter available as soon as possible and to the maximum

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