On Wednesday, Gov. Jay Inslee met with members of the National Guard and Washington State Department of Health personnel who are supporting the voluntary contact tracing efforts statewide.
Gov. Inslee outlines state’s contact tracing system
“We are moving from the blunt instrument of social distancing,” Inslee said. “And to replace that blunt instrument, we now have contact tracing.”
Inslee says the fundamental mission of contact tracing efforts is to help Washingtonians have the knowledge they need to protect themselves, as well as their friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers who they might have had contact with.
In a video posted on Gov. Inslee’s Twitter page, he asks members of the National Guard about the reactions they’ve had from people they contacted.
“Most of the time, they’ve either tested positive or they’ve been living with someone who tested positive, so they understand the risk associated with going out and spreading it,” said a National Guard member. “I haven’t had anyone who’s combative about staying home.”

Case and contact tracing is how we can reopen slowly and contain COVID-19. It is: confidential voluntary 100% focused on keeping you and those close to you safe pic.twitter.com/EMYG5Gwk9R
— Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) May 21, 2020

Contact tracing in Washington state will hopefully help the state move toward a full reopening while being able to contain the spread of COVID-19.
It is confidential and voluntary. Case investigations and contact tracing are key public health strategies in preventing the spread of a disease.
“We’re here to help people, not to police them; to ask them to do

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