The city of Seattle has been increasing hygiene access for homeless residents during the COVID-19 crisis, and there is now an interactive map to show all open and available publicly funded hygiene facilities for people in need on the Human Services Department website.
On Wednesday, city leaders also announced the addition of two shower trailers, one at King Street Station five days a week and a mobile shower trailer to be hosted in Lake City and Seattle Center.
Seattle, King County’s homelessness authority to meet for the first time
Each shower trailer has three shower stalls plus a toilet and a sink. The trailers will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Clients can place a reservation 30 minutes before operations begin, and the showers, toilets, and sinks will be sanitized after each use. The Millionair Club is going to staff and maintain the trailers.
“Millionair Club Charity is excited to partner with Seattle Public Utilities and provide job opportunities to men and women desperately in need of work right now. We believe that working together to maintain sustainable hygiene trailers will help our most vulnerable community members make it through this crisis while slowing further spread of the virus,” said Jim Miller, Executive Director of Millionair Club Charity. “The MCC workers, many of whom are unstably housed, will not only receive life-changing wages, but will also find purpose and hope through gainful employment.”
King Street Station will also have a hygiene station with two portable toilets and a handwashing station available 24/7.
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