Seattle Black Collective Voice is a new group of organizers and protesters formed out of the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP). The group intends to reclaim the narrative of the movement, focusing on education and empowerment.
Naudia Miller (Nas) introduced the Black Collective Voice at a press conference Thursday. Nas was joined by her mother, Jesse Miller, who together are the co-founders of the Harriet Tubman Foundation for Safe Passage, and Marcus Henderson, the leader of Black Star Farmers in the CHOP.
A recent survey of protesters in the CHOP, Nas said, showed that people overwhelmingly wanted to know about ways to volunteer their time and resources to end systemic racism, starting by ending police brutality. Respondents also indicated that they wanted to follow Black voices and were looking for Black leadership. From this, the Black Collective Voice was formed.
“We are the people of Seattle,” Nas said about the collective.
The group is made up of students, educators, bartenders, parents, business owners, and residents. While it is Black led, Nas said they recognize the importance of their allies and fight for the rights of all people.
The response to the survey was 90% white, which Jesse Miller says reflects the population of the CHOP.
“This is … pretty much a 90% white place,” she said. “But we are very happy to be here sharing the space because we need you, you need us.”
Nas also clarified that taking the East Precinct was, and is, not the end goal in this movement.
“Today we want to be clear:

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