“I hope he rots in hell.”
That’s nearly all Sharon Lee could manage to say at a Snohomish County Sheriff’s press conference Wednesday morning announcing the arrest of a suspect in the murder of her 15-year-old daughter, Melissa, nearly 27 years ago.
Cold case investigators on Tuesday arrested 62-year-old Alan Edward Dean of Bothell for the 1993 murder of Melissa Lee.
Melissa Lee was home alone April 13, 1993. She planned to have a friend over for a sleepover, but that fell through. When Sharon called around 9:30 p.m. everything was OK. However, when Sharon got home just after midnight, the front door was ajar, there were signs of a struggle and no sign of Melissa.
Her body was discovered the following day in a ravine on the north side of the Edgewater Creek Bridge along Mukilteo Boulevard in Everett. She had been strangled and had Ethyl Ether and Heptane chemicals in her system.
Detectives were lead to Dean with the help of CeCe Moore and Parabon Labs through the use of genetic genealogy, identifying a possible suspect. His relatives had uploaded their DNA to ancestry site GedMatch.com. The results are treated like a lead by investigators, who then watch the suspect and hope for a lucky break. In this case, it was Dean’s discarded cigarette.
Detectives grabbed the used butt, ran it against crime scene DNA, and got a match to Dean, a man whose name they recognized right away.
“His name came up early in the investigation in 1993. He was talked to by detectives,

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