The City of Kirkland had to take action at its waterfront parks this week to stop crowds from gathering — and is warning that more restrictive measures could be in store if people don’t adhere to the rules.
The city has shut down access to docks at two popular parks on Lake Washington between downtown Kirkland and State Route 520 — Houghton Beach Park and David E. Brink Park. The parking lot at Houghton has also been closed off. Houghton also contains a children’s playground that has been roped off since the start of the pandemic.
The city said, despite efforts to break up large gatherings, encourage social distancing, and hand out thousands of masks, community members have still come forward saying laws were being broken and safety was at risk in the parks.
A KIRO Radio reporter who lives in the area has confirmed that large gatherings of unmasked people standing close together can be found in the waterfront parks on just about a daily basis when it’s hot out.
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“The issue that we’ve been confronting the most has been young people hanging out on these docks and piers in very large numbers and in very close proximity,” said Kellie Stickney, communications manager for the city.
The current restrictions stop the popular activities of sitting on docks conversing, and jumping off docks into the lake, but people are still allowed to access the grass and the beachfront. However, Stickney said if things don’t change, the next

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