Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said she is not opposed to some of the changes the Seattle City Council wants to make to the police department — but added that she has not been invited to sit down with the council to discuss them.
Speaking at a press conference to introduce the police department’s newly revamped website, Best also expressed her opposition to parts of the council’s plan.
On Monday, the council will vote on whether or not to pass a budget proposal that would make cuts to the Seattle Police Department — including to Harbor Patrol, SWAT, School Resource Officers, the Navigation Team, and more — that could potentially result in the loss of 100 SPD employees.
The 13 highest-ranking positions, including Best herself, would also see their salaries cut or capped at the lowest number in their pay band.
This comes after two months of protests calling for the police department to be defunded by 50%. Protesters and councilmembers alike have said that for certain types of calls, such as helping individuals in crisis, social workers and mental health professionals may be better sources of aid than police officers.
“You’re asked to do too much; you’re sent into complex situations that other professionals from our community may be better-equipped to handle,” Councilmember Alex Pedersen said to the Seattle Police Department as a whole during Thursday’s Council Budget Committee meeting. He called this summer a “historic moment” to rethink policing.
Best said she was open to some changes.
“If they want to invest in other avenues,

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