On Tuesday, it was revealed that Washington Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib has been in seminary school in California since September, leaving many to wonder what duties he’s able to perform as his term winds to a close.
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Habib had announced earlier in 2020 that he wouldn’t be seeking a new term as lieutenant governor to join the Jesuits. What’s been unclear in the time since has been whether he planned to serve out the remainder of his term before committing to the Jesuits full time.
According to the Associated Press, his office confirmed Tuesday that Habib stopped drawing his lieutenant governor salary on Sept. 1, but is still technically serving in the role. He is also said to be “in regular phone contact with the office and approves any documents that go out under his signature.”
Gov. Jay Inslee partially addressed the revelation during a Tuesday press conference, stating that he himself is “not fully aware” of Habib’s activities, but at the same time is “unaware of responsibilities that are not being conducted.”
With the state’s Republican lawmakers calling for a special legislative session to address the ongoing COVID crisis, that would potentially necessitate Habib’s presence, given that the lieutenant governor also serves as the presiding officer of the state Senate. Reports claim that the Senate was not previously notified of Habib’s departure to seminary school.
“I would have thought he would have notified the Senate of his position and availability, so that’s surprising to me if

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