Gov. Inslee announced Tuesday that Washington state has joined a pact with other western states to review the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines once approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, and Nevada are the states included in the pact.
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This partnership provides an added layer of insurance and review to give the public greater faith and greater confidence in any vaccines, Inslee explained, so that more people actually get the vaccine once it’s made available.
Inslee added that this is imperative if we are going to beat this pandemic.
“We do have now and will have high confidence,” assuming that there is an approval.
If more than one vaccine is approved, which Inslee says is the hope, this panel of experts across the five states will review each one.
“We know how important this is,” he said.
The governor says that when a safe vaccine is available, Washington state is going to be ready to distribute it as safely and equitably as possible.
In terms of the rising cases nationwide, Inslee said there was “distressing news” out of the White House after the Chief of Staff indicated that they’ve basically “checked out of this fight” and are not going to try to further control the virus. Washington state, however, is not giving up the fight.
“The white flag of surrender to this virus is not flying over our state capital in Washington,” Inslee said.
Until there are available vaccines, Inslee reminded all Washingtonians

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