A porch pirate in Pierce County took a package earlier this week that was intended for a 7-year-old boy with cancer.
Darla Lawson says there was an orange, remote-controlled toy truck inside the box when it arrived at their home Saturday night. It was a gift for her son, Bradley.

“He chose an orange color because orange represents Leukemia, which he’s battling right now,” she said. “So, he thought that would be very special to have. And, he’s just a real big fan of race trucks and off-road racing, so this was something he was really looking forward to.”
But, Bradley never got to see the truck, let alone play with it. The family was home Saturday night when they got an alert on their Ring security camera.
“We didn’t even know that there was a package at the door, and then, come to find out it was for our son. We were just devastated to see that someone just took it,” Lawson said.
Video from the Ring camera, shared by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office on Twitter, shows a middle-aged man walk up and snatch the box, then disappear into the darkness.
The next morning, Lawson and her husband sat down with Bradley and told him what happened.
“Bradley was of course very sad to learn that his truck was taken,” she said. “But he agreed with me, and said, you know, ‘It’s OK, mommy. Everything will be OK.’”
Lawson told us the theft could have been worse. The family has occasionally has Bradley’s chemotherapy drugs delivered

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