Washington state heads into the final weekend before Thanksgiving with many bars and restaurants once again closed due to the new round of COVID-19 restrictions Governor Inslee issued this week that ban indoor dining.
Gov. Inslee: Washington can’t meet ‘urgent and dire’ COVID needs without federal aid
“We know that restaurants are the number one non-healthcare settings for COVID outbreaks,” Inslee said Tuesday, adding it would simply be too dangerous to allow them to continue with indoor service in the current COVID situation.
The Washington State Hospitality Association firmly disagrees with that, pointing to data in Pierce, Walla Walla, and Clark counties as its evidence.
Letter from Washington State Hospitality Association
“Based on contact tracing in three counties, less than 1 percent of cases are actually connected to our industry. Whether you are using state DOH data or contact tracing data, hospitality is not a leading setting for cases,” the WHA said in a statement Wednesday.
“It would be accurate to say that if you exclude all healthcare settings, exclude long-term care facilities, all household spread, spread from social gatherings or any other non-work setting, [that] hospitality has the most outbreaks as defined by two or more people from the same location contracting COVID within two weeks of each other,” the statement continued.
“It is not, however, accurate to say hospitality has the most cases of any industry, nor that restaurants are the most common site of an outbreak,” it added, stressing the need for Inslee and health officials to get it right and not overstate the

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