Test trains have started running the length of the new Northgate Link Extension, set to open in September 2021.

The train really ties it all together at Northgate, don’t you think? #Link21. pic.twitter.com/ks9BczpF1U
— Sound Transit #MaskUpWA – (@SoundTransit) January 18, 2021

Testing is an important “next step,” says Sound Transit, as the new stations in Northgate, Roosevelt, and the University District prepare to open later this year. Once complete, trips from Northgate to Westlake will take 14 minutes, and University District to Capitol Hill will take six minutes.
From now until September, crews will test the power, communications, and safety systems at the stations and in the tunnels before the final safety certifications needed to open the route to the public.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there isn’t expected to be the same big public celebrations as in past years, but Sound Transit says instead it’ll “stretch out opening day excitement over a longer period.”
As for the other lines under construction, the extension to Lynnwood is expected to open in 2024, the same year that light rail should open to Redmond. There are four stations along the route, and Sound Transit says it should take you about 30 minutes to get from Lynnwood to downtown Seattle.
A tour of the completed Bellevue Sound Transit tunnel
The extension to Bellevue is set to open in 2023, but Sound Transit plans to open the parking garage at the future East Link South Bellevue Station in September.
“On-time construction and close collaboration with the City of Bellevue made it possible for

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