The first of several reports on last year’s protests from the Office of Inspector General — the top tier of Seattle’s Police Accountability system – is out, and says not only were the tactics used by SPD during protests in 2020 inadequate, they actually contributed to the escalation of violence and civil unrest that gripped the city for months.
Council digs in to OPA report on complaints against SPD from 2020 protests
But, Inspector General Lisa Judge says assigning blame was not the goal of the “Sentinel Event Review” they conducted into the protests.
“The individual accountability is very important,” she noted. “SPD’s agency accountability is very important in this, but we thought the best way we could use our resources was to really do a deep dive to understand what happened, and help everybody move in a forward thinking direction.”
“It starts from a place of, ‘yes, we understand things didn’t go the way people wanted in the way people expect,’” she continued. “So we start from a place of acknowledging that and then moving forward now that we have acknowledged that this isn’t what we want, how do we fix it?”
The 112-page report focuses only on the initial days of 2020’s protests between May 29 to June 1, days that saw the downtown core torn apart and countless businesses damaged, and that culminated with the so-called pink umbrella incident on Capitol Hill on June 1.
That particular incident ended with thousands of mostly peaceful protests fleeing down Pine Street to get away from

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