Seattle Council President and mayoral candidate Lorena Gonzalez unveiled her plan to address the city’s homeless crisis in her first 100 days should she win the November election.
Seattle leaders announce new funding for permanent supportive housing
Gonzalez outlined seven separate facets to her first-100-day approach. That includes a vow to “rapidly increase shelter capacity and assess encampments across all neighborhoods,” as well as ramping up construction of affordable housing, establishing additional mental health resources, tackling the city’s increased cost of living, and more.
“Trying to cope with symptoms of homelessness without addressing the root causes will not succeed,” Gonzalez said in a written release detailing her plan. “My administration will leverage all Seattle’s resources and lean into our partnerships at every level of government and in every neighborhood.”
Among her proposals is a plan to address the city’s single-family zoning laws as a means to providing more affordable housing.
“To build the affordable homes we need, we have to change outdated laws that prevent multi-family housing in 70% of Seattle’s residential areas,” she detailed.
Gonzalez also promises to “start rebalancing the tax code” so that large corporations like Amazon pay higher rates, although she does not specify how that would operate in contrast to the city’s existing JumpStart big business tax.
New hotel space fuel 132% increase in Seattle homeless shelter referrals
This comes in the wake of a push from Gonzalez’s opponent in the mayoral race, Bruce Harrell, to implement components of a recently-struck down homelessness initiative from Compassion Seattle. Harrell outlined his own goals in

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