Paine Field was recently recertified as “Salmon Safe” by an Oregon based environmental nonprofit.
The airport first earned the Salmon Safe certification in 2019 “for its long-running efforts to maintain water quality and natural habitat that supports the environmental needs of salmon.”
United Airlines will pull its last route out of Paine Field in October
In order to maintain its certification, Paine Field participates in a third-party verification process. That includes a site inspection to evaluate airport environmental programs, like landscape practices, stormwater treatment, and review of documentation on water quality and flow.
“Polluted runoff is the single biggest threat to Puget Sound, and through its recertification commitment, Paine Field is committing to ongoing actions to protect downstream water quality,” said Molly Ray, the Puget Sound director with Salmon Safe. “We look forward to working closely with the airport as it continues to raise the bar for environmental management within the aviation industry.”
“It is our belief that we can have a clean environment while continuing to be a leading economic engine that supports over 158,000 jobs with an annual economic impact of almost $60 billion,” said Arif Ghouse, the airport director.
Testing out the newly-opened Paine Field Airport in 2019
The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the Allen Institute, the University of Washington, and Husky Stadium are other local examples of infrastructure and projects that have earned Salmon Safe certification.

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