Seattle City Council members will begin work this week on an early draft of their priorities for the state’s upcoming 2022 legislative session.
Beyond the defund debate: Will new SPD budget deliver on promise of reform?
The draft outlines a list of issues the council hopes to see state lawmakers tackle when they convene at the start of next year, ranging in subject matter from police accountability to equitable tax policies.
Speaking to police reform, the council details its support for “efforts to increase accountability and transparency in law enforcement,” calling on the state Legislature to end qualified immunity, prohibit private arbitration in instances of officer discipline, and clarify the standards for police use of force, particularly when someone is experiencing a mental health crisis.
It also asks for more “flexibility for local jurisdictions” to have trained civilian personnel respond to 911 calls for low level crimes, similar to the CAHOOTs program used in Eugene, Oregon.
With King County continuing to grapple with an uptick in gun violence, the city council’s draft asks the Legislature to again consider limiting high-capacity magazines, while allowing cities wider authority to “regulate firearms or weapons to ensure the safety of their communities in accordance with local circumstances.” A ban on high-capacity magazines has failed to pass the Legislature in each of the last two sessions.
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