Sound Transit is investigating an incident where a stopped train led to passengers exiting into the tunnels shortly after the Apple Cup last Friday.
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The light rail line was operating out of Seattle’s University District, when a train carrying hundreds of passengers suddenly stopped between stations after the Friday game at Husky Stadium. Communications reportedly shut off at the same time due to a severed cable that had connected the lead train and three trailing cars.
Passengers then opened the train’s emergency exits and walked into the tunnel. Sound Transit temporarily suspended all light rail service in the tunnel as a result, while it worked to safely remove people with a rescue train. After the fact, Sound Transit apologized for the incident, while also stressing that it is always unsafe to exit a train through the tunnels.
Moving forward, it will be “launching a thorough investigation of the incident to determine the root cause and address any future vulnerabilities.”
“The investigation will include review of measures to ensure passengers stay onboard the train during such incidents for their safety and how to better communicate with riders during service disruptions,” Sound Transit said in a written statement.
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According to John Gallagher, Sound Transit’s spokesperson, there is “no reason to believe” the incident was suspicious in nature. It’s believed that the severing of the cable connecting the trains was “clearly” an accident, he

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