Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says his office was flooded with over 1,000 emails last weekend, pushing for him to support the latest claims of election fraud levied by Republicans across the United States.
Opinion: Culp, Trump show refusal to accept reality in both Washingtons
The emails “appear to be associated with Mike Lindell,” the founder of MyPillow and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump’s frequent claims of election fraud following his loss to Joe Biden in 2020. The messages are each linked to an 82-page lawsuit, asking that Ferguson sign his name in his “official capacity as Washington Attorney General.”
“I will not be doing that,” Ferguson said on Twitter. “Instead I will continue fighting to defend our democracy.”
“For example, when failed gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp filed a fraudulent lawsuit challenging our election, I told him we would seek sanctions if he did not withdraw it,” he added. “He dropped his lawsuit immediately.”
Culp previously claimed he withdrew his lawsuit when people who had allegedly lined up to testify backed out. Despite declaring he had “clear evidence” that thousands of ballots had been cast on behalf of deceased voters, no such evidence was ever produced.
Amid run for Congress, Loren Culp continues to push election fraud narrative
In the months following his defeat in the race for Washington governor, Culp launched a campaign for Congress in a bid to unseat Republican Rep. Dan Newhouse. He has continued to maintain his belief that the 2020 election “was not legitimate,” while supporting efforts from a small handful

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