Plumbing companies in Western Washington are gearing up for calls to repair frozen and broken pipes.
Puget Sound region’s run of freezing weather could linger into next week
With the cold temperatures hitting the region Monday and Tuesday expected to last a few more days at least, your pipes — indoor and outdoor — are at risk of freezing and bursting.
For indoor pipes, even if you plan to be away, it is helpful to keep the heat on. You may also want to leave a top-floor faucet dripping to make sure the water flows and keeps moving.
“Make sure all your hose faucets are disconnected, covered — you can use a Styrofoam cover, you can cover it with rags, plastic bags, anything — just to help insulate it and keep it from the cold temperatures,” Dom Ulrich with Southwest Plumbing told KIRO 7 TV about outdoor faucets.
Ulrich says you may not know the extent of frozen pipe damage until things warm up. That’s when the water will start to leak through any cracks that formed.
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Plumbers say pipes most often burst when temperatures drop quickly and there’s not enough insulation. It can happen indoors if thermostats are set too low. Seattle Public Utilities recommends opening under-sink cabinet doors to let heat circulate. Wrap pipes to keep them insulated.
As Ulrich mentioned, remove and drain outdoor hoses. You should also know where your electric, water, and gas shut-offs are so you can

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