The president of the King County Corrections Guild is calling for a total two week shutdown of all jail operations.
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There are just over 1,300 inmates in custody in King County. KCCG President Dennis Folk says nearly 34% totaling 460 inmates are either COVID positive or in COVID protocols. There are also 40 staff members in the same situation. That’s led to tense situations among prison populations in the county.
“We’ve had some incidents where inmates were refusing to let anybody into their cells, one night we thought we were going to have a riot,” he told KIRO Newsradio.
Given an already difficult staffing shortage of nearly 100 officers, Folk says they must have a two week quarantine and shut down immediately to keep inmates as well as staff families safe. Logistically, that would mean cutting back on the number of people booked into jail, excepting DUIs and assaults. Those who would still be booked would be quarantined themselves upon entry.
Dozens of violent criminals that don’t make headlines sentenced weekly in King County
Further exacerbating the situation is the fact that Folk anticipates another 35 to 40 staff vacancies by the summer, leaving King County jails with even fewer people to fill the gaps. The hope with a two-week operations shutdown is that there will be enough time to get COVID outbreaks under control, and ensure that facilities will be as close to fully staffed as possible in the coming months.
“The reality is we

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