Airlines voiced concerns this week over new 5G frequencies have been activated by cell phone companies, which they fear could interfere with landing airplanes. On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration cleared most large passenger aircraft to land at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, which was among the airports where there were concerns over 5G signals.
Major US airlines warn of flight disruptions Wednesday as new 5G service starts
The new C-Band 5G frequencies that have gone active are close to the frequencies used by the radio altimeters on planes. These altimeters use data from the ground to determine a plane’s altitude on landing.
Initially, the FAA and the major airlines were worried that there could be interference from the new 5G system that could mess with the altimeters, asking that the full rollout of these new 5G frequencies be delayed until more testing can be done. That has Sea-Tac Airport using restricted 5G zones for the time being.
“There’s a buffer zone around critical airports that have these low-visibility approaches, and they can also play with the power levels of the 5G antennas, so there’s even a greater safety buffer between the band that they’re using and the band that’s required for aircraft instruments,” Aviation insider Mike Stengel told KIRO Newsradio’s Chris Sullivan.
The FAA also released on update on Wednesday adding Sea-Tac to the list of airports where roughly 62% of commercial airplane models — including most of Boeing and Airbus’s primary passenger planes — can land in low visibility situations in areas where 5G signals are

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