A national week of action by abortion-rights activists hoping to stop the expected overturning of Roe v Wade culminated with nationwide mass demonstrations Saturday, including rallies and marches here in Puget Sound.
Thousands gathered at Cal Anderson Park and Seattle Central College on Seattle’s Capitol Hill for multiple events. Some donned “Handmaid’s Tale” robes, and many carried signs with messages such as “Long Live Roe,” “Bodily Autonomy for All,” and “Abortion is Healthcare,” among others.
Washington advocates say abortion ruling won’t end debate
“A lot of disappointment today that we’re here, again,” said one woman.
Several elected officials also participated, including Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (D).
“This is a culmination of Republicans’ decades-long effort to take away women’s freedoms,” DelBene told the crowd.
“It breaks my heart that my daughter, so many young women out there could have less rights than I did at your age,” added DelBene.
That sentiment was shared among many women at the rallies, including one fighting to protect women in 2022 from the horror of what her mother had been through prior to Roe.
“When my mother was 19, she got pregnant by a professor and needed an abortion,” the woman recalled.
“She was picked up in an unmarked black car in downtown Minneapolis, taken to an abandoned building, and somebody injected air into her uterus, telling her she might die,” she explained. “They dropped her off back on the street corner, she then paid $200 and they said they’d kill her if she told anyone. She started hemorrhaging that night, had to go to the

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