In November of 2021, hundreds of students walked out of Newport High School in the Bellevue School District (BSD) claiming neither the school nor the district had done enough to make a female student feel safe after she reported physical abuse by another student – an ex-boyfriend.
Now, that ex-boyfriend – identified only as C.A. in the lawsuit – and his parents are suing the district claiming “deliberate indifference” to the “bullying and more” he endured after what they say was a false allegation. C.A. and his parents say he was the actual victim and that the school and the district knew it, but failed to release the results of multiple separate independent investigations clearing him.
The family says this all started weeks before the walkout.
“My client and his girlfriend broke up after a standard typical high school relationship. She started to resent that and went to his car to look for earrings. He let her look. When there were no earrings, they started to go back to the school and she started hitting him yelling at him, and pushing him and he told her to stop. She wouldn’t, then he finally got away from her. He went to class, came back at the end of the day, and found his car vandalized. So he went to the office and made a harassment report,” the ex-boyfriend’s attorney, Yvonne Ward said.
The girl was then called to the office as part of the investigation, and according to Ward made unspecific allegations about their relationship,

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