The city of Seattle will decide whether to adopt a new voting style that would allow voters to choose as many candidates as they like in future local elections.
The proposal, called “approval voting,” allows voters to select every candidate they approve in primary elections. The two candidates with the highest number of votes would advance to a general election, which voters would then be allowed to choose between the two.
Group seeking to change how Seattle voting works builds large early war chest
“It makes sense to me. I like it. Certainly, it’s not something that we would do in the general election,” Travis Mayfield, the guest host for the Gee and Ursula Show, said on KIRO Newsradio. “But in the primary, I like the idea of being able to register more options because I like ranked-choice voting. It’s sort of like a way to eliminate the candidates that I don’t want. I actually have to really think about which of the candidates I really want and listen to their platforms versus being faced with two candidates in the general where one is just clearly the wrong answer.”
The group behind the initiative, Seattle Approves, submitted just over the 26,520 signatures necessary to qualify the measure for November’s ballot, according to King County Elections.
Seattle Approves believes a number of things can occur if this bill passes. According to the organization, the bill could eliminate endemic vote-splitting as similar candidates will no longer be able to “split the vote” and turn every election into

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