The group behind Initiative 135 turned in thousands of signatures on Wednesday in an effort to get its Seattle social housing initiative on the ballot.
House Our Neighbors tweeted that it submitted 29,552 signatures to King County Elections, but the group needs 26,442 of those signatures to be valid in order for I-135 to make the ballot.
King County Elections estimates that typically, 80% of signatures for the average ballot initiative are accepted and advises that campaigns submit 20% to 30% more signatures than are needed.
With that in mind, 80% of 29,950 is only 23,640, so it is possible that not enough of the gathered signatures may be valid.
Another factor is how closely a campaign vets its signatures.
“We vetted ours very, very carefully. The 29,552 was looked over one by one very carefully to ensure that our count was as accurate as possible,” House Our Neighbors said.

We turned in a conservatively counted 29,552 signatures this morning to the city clerk! Thank you to our team, our steering committee, and all of the hundreds of volunteers & tens of thousands of signers that got us to this point
— Yes On I-135 (@houseRneighbors) June 22, 2022

The initiative concerns developing and maintaining affordable housing. It would establish a public developer that would create, own and maintain public housing in Seattle.
“Social housing is publicly owned, publicly financed, mixed-income housing, removed from market forces and speculation, and built with the express aim of housing people equitably and affordably. Under public control and oversight, social housing is sustainable and

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