Gas prices have been steadily falling over the past four weeks, from an average high of $5.70 a gallon to locations offering gas for $4.57 a gallon around the Puget Sound.
Prices are still higher than the national average, but have been falling steadily since the June 15 peak of $5.70 a gallon in the Seattle area, according to Gas Buddy.
The national average on June 15 was just over $5 a gallon.
As of July 8, the lowest regular gas price around Tacoma is $4.57 a gallon, at three 76 stations – 2002 54th Ave. E in Fife, 103 Pioneer Way East in Tacoma and 2802 Portland Ave. in Tacoma.
For people north of Seattle, the cheapest gas is closer to Smokey Point, at $4.59 to $4.69 a gallon – at River Rock Tobacco at 21125 Smokey Point Blvd. and 23704 13th Ave. NE in Arlington, and Costco at 16616 Twin Lakes Ave. in Marysville.
According to the The Associated Press, several factors have been the cause of the recent rise at the pump, including global oil prices which have risen since December, nearly doubling in that time.

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